Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tomely work?

As an author/publisher, you upload your ebook as an ePub file and set a price. We convert your ebook so that it works on all major ebook readers. When a reader buys your book, the money goes straight to you, and we send the buyers a secure link to download your book.

How much does Tomely cost for authors?

Tomely takes a cut of 20%, and the author/publishers takes home the remaining 80%. (This doesn’t include PayPal’s payment processing fees, which range between 3% and 6%).

How is Tomely different to other ebookstores?

Tomely provides all ebooks in DRM-free Mobi and ePub formats. For readers, this means you can be sure your ebook will work no matter what ereader you use, and you can easily move your books across devices. For authors, this means you can sell to all your readers from one store.

Tomely also lets authors:

  • Embed a sample of their ebook on their own websites
  • Give readers a discount for promoting their work on Twitter
  • Manage promotions, freebies, and generate discount coupons
  • Send reviewers galley or promotional copies of their work

  • Does Tomely take any ownership of my work?

    No. By selling to Tomely, you provide us with the rights to host your work, sell it on your behalf, and display a sample. These rights are all non-exclusive, meaning you’re free to sell with other ebookstores, too.

    Why do you only accept ePub files from authors/publishers?

    Submitting your ebook in ePub format is the best way to ensure your ebook will look and work as it should on most devices. Luckily, there are many resources out there to guide you in creating your own ePub file.

    I’m an author/publisher: how do I get paid, and how often?

    When a reader buys your book, you get paid immediately. The money is transferred from the buyer directly to whatever PayPal account you specify.

    How secure is Tomely?

    When you upload a book to Tomely, we store it securely on our servers. When a reader purchases your book, we provide them with a “key” that’s valid for six downloads (we think this is fair: some readers may lose your file and wish to redownload, or have multiple devices they’d like to read on).

    Can I upload work I haven't written or don't own the rights to?

    No. Our Terms of Use require that you either own all copyrights to the uploaded work or are authorised by the copyright owner to publish the work on Tomely. If you’d like to sell work by others, you’ll need to have an agreement (written and signed) with the author in which they grant you permission to sell their work. If you’re doing anything shady, we’ll close your account and you may have your PayPal account suspended.

    Can I sell work on behalf of an author?

    Yes. As long as the author has granted you, in writing, the rights to sell on their behalf, you can set up a publisher account to do this. When a reader purchases the author's book, the money will flow through to your account. It would then be your responsibility to pay the author according to your agreement with the writer in accordance with your agreement.

    Somebody’s selling my book through Tomely without my permission! What do I do?

    Get in touch with us by clicking the “Report this book” button on the book’s page. We will ask the author If the seller cannot prove they own the rights to sell the work, their account will be closed, the work will be removed, and the seller will be reported to PayPal. If the seller provides evidence that they own the copyright for the work, we will act as a mediator between you and the seller in order to resolve the dispute. If a resolution cannot be reached, and neither party can prove ownership of the work, we will remove the work but not close the seller’s account.